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Blue Skies
Blue Skies

 Big Cleaning at a Whisper

Affordable Next-Gen Corsi-Rosenthal Box
5-10x quieter than HEPA purifiers on full

Quickly clear medium to large rooms

Ultra low power

Order as STEM kit or Fully Assembled

Quiet enough to leave on always, powerful enough to protect you and those you love from airborne transmission of viruses like Flu, RSV, and Covid-19.


Scientifically Optimized


We tested dozens of fan & filter combos to create unprecedented efficiency in:

  • Price: CADR / $

  • Energy: CADR / Watt

  • Noise:  CADR / dB

CADR  = Clean Air
Delivery Rate

3M Virus + Allergen Filters

3M Filtrete have the highest airflow amongst MERV13 brands, enabling a compact design with 1" thick filters. Replace with Filtrete 1900 or 2200 @ 6-12 months


Silent Pressure Fans


Not all fans can pull thru MERV13. We identified the best value "High Static Pressure" fans from popular gaming PC vendors

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Easy Slip-In Filter Changes

Foam weatherseal and pre-tensioner bungees keep filters snug.  Filters slide out and back in for replacement every 6-12 months

CleanAirKits Purifiers

DIY Kit Prices w/o filters.  Lowes, CostCo or Digi-Key have good 4-pack deals on Filtrete MPR1900/2200.

Fully assembled w/filters cost ~$65 more.   

At this time we only ship DIY kits, not fully assembled units to California or outside USA.

For each unit sold, CleanAirKits will donate $3 to the Corsi-Rosenthal Foundation, a non-profit providing safer air to underserved communities 

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Large Capacity

Choose clean air delivery rates up to 500 cfm -- comparable to the largest HEPA purifiers and C-R cubes.  Lowers viral concentrations substantially within classrooms and dining rooms.

Quiet on Full

Clean Air Kits produce 5-10x less noise than HEPA purifiers at max capacity.

One Speed Design

Speed controls defeat the efficacy of most HEPAs -- people turn them down to quiet where air cleaning slows. We have just one speed: silent full blast!

Unprecedented Energy Efficiency

Decades of competition has driven amazing silence + efficiency in PC fans.  Our fan banks use 6-20W -- comparable to a LED bulb!

Industry Leading Efficiencies


From the Indoor Air Quality Experts

"Standalone HEPAs or Corsi-Rosenthal boxes are a quick way to lower the risk of inhaling SARS-CoV-2 virus. Filtering the virus out of the air reduces the chance of inhaling it---simple logic. The other option is to filter/trap it with a mask before it is released or inhaled."

Kim Prather, PhD
Distinguished Professor, UCSD
Director NSF Center for Aerosol Impacts on Chemistry of the Environment


Who are We

Clean Air Kits formed from an online community of engineers riffing on rgb-fan Corsi Rosenthal designs.  After mask mandates were dropped, we obsessed on the potential of our kids' classrooms to be as safe as outdoors.  If only indoor air cleaning could be quiet, cheap & efficient enough.

We grew up excited by MacGyver and weekend trips with dad to junkyards and Radio Shack.  We've created complex world-changing technologies, but we're thrilled to deep dive on scrappy techniques to defeat nasty airborne pathogens.  
Most of all, we've seen long-term disability in our families first hand, and are dedicated to building multiple layers of protection that slow the advance of debilitating diseases like Long COVID.

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